Artículo en inglés del medio especializado Search Engine Watch que nos introduce y explica la búsqueda semántica (semantic search):

SEW… When people speak to each other, they understand more than just words. They understand the context, non-verbal cues (facial expressions, nuances of the voice, etc.) and so much more … “Semantics” refers to the concepts or ideas conveyed by words, and semantic analysis is making any topic (or search query) easy for a machine to understand.

How Google’s Nofollow, Sponsored, & UGC Links Impact SEO

Artículo del blog de sobre los atributos de los enlaces (rel= ) y el cambio que va a realizar Google respecto a nofollow (parece ser que todavía no está claro): “Google shook up the SEO world by announcing big changes to how publishers should mark nofollow links. The changes — while beneficial to help Google understand the web — nonetheless caused confusion and raised a number of questions. We’ve got the answers to many of your questions here“.