Una revisión de DogLinux, de la mano de linuxadictos.com


Dejo un enlace a un artículo muy interesante y completo de linuxadictos.com sobre la distro GNU Linux DogLinux. “DogLinux, un Puppy Linux con esteroides y Debian 11“… A ver si la pruebo!


Página oficial: https://debiandog.github.io/doglinux/
Y aquí va un vídeo:

Here we look at a new puppy, it’s name being bionic dog but it is more debian/ubuntu than pure pup but even so it runs and works super duper and has nearly everything you would need in a desktop plus it is only a 330mb download and has a small memory footprint so go download it and give it a try as you wont be disappointed….sminkypinkie..!!

Download here: https://debiandog.github.io/doglinux/